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Protect your business from Ransomware

Imagine getting locked out of your computer, not because you forgot your login credentials, but because of a virus. Now imagine having to pay cyber-criminals a hefty sum to regain access to all your files, customer data and confidential business information. That’s exactly what happens when you get hit with Ransomware — a virus that infects computers, and then demands a ransom to restore the system.
Cryptolocker is the most common type of Ransomware and is typically disguised as an email attachment (perhaps claiming to come from your bank or a delivery company) in the form of a .pdf, zip, or image file, kite. Once opened, Cryptolocker locks the computer and holds it hostage. In many cases, the ransom includes a deadline, in which the amount a user must pay increases if ransom isn’t paid within the hacker’s time period.
Working in partnership with ESET, Acton Gate Systems are offering a comprehensive Anti-Virus solution to give your business the best possible protection against Cryptolocker and similar Ransomware infections.
New versions of this Ransomware are released frequently, so it is important that you are receiving regular virus database updates from your Antivirus provider. ESET Antivirus will check for updates every hour (provided that you have a working internet connection) and take precautions to ensure that your computer is as protected as possible against this infection.
The rapidly developing nature of Ransomware programs like Cryptolocker however means that no Antivirus program can offer a 100% protection rate against these infections, this is why a secure and robust backup system is equally as important as the Antivirus software for keeping your critical business data secure (see our Clunk Click cloud backup solution for more details).
To find out more about our ESET business Antivirus solution, or our ‘Clunk Click’ backup solution, please give us a call on (0121) 505 6533.

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