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What is Orpheus?
Primarily Designed for the Metal Finishing subcontractor, Orpheus is a complete Production Control & Order Tracking solution that covers the full range of operations from quotation, costing and process routing, right through to delivery, invoicing and reporting. Orpheus is easily adaptable and ideally suited to any manufacturing or value added processing operation.
The modular and customisable nature or Orpheus means it is suitable for companies of all sizes, and additional features (such as live work-in-progress display monitors, or touch-screen workstations) can be added or removed to suit the individual needs of the customer.
A typical customer experience would be that it pays for itself during the first twelve months of use by reducing administration costs and improving quality procedures.<

At the heart of Orpheus is its unique user interface. It has been designed to be intuitive, suited to users at all levels and abilities, requiring minimal training. Orpheus is about speed and simplicity. Screen layouts are concise, utilising on-screen assistance and tooltips, with powerful drill down functionality to get to the information you require.

Barcode Technology
Orpheus employs bar-code technology to quickly and effectively collect shop floor data and track works orders through each production stage. Operators have all the information they need at their point of work, even showing if credit limits are exceeded. Customers can view up to the minute tracking data showing the current status of their orders, via the internet.

How does it work?
A processing ‘blueprint’ is defined for each job and initial samples can be produced to prove viability. Production costing details are provided to aid pricing and quotation, and visual aids and job specific notes can be added to each process stage.
Each part/job is configured with a production route and precise process details. A bar-coded route card is then produced for each batch, which details the route, and the individual process stages. Additional details can be added to the job which are displayed to operators at the relevant production stage, these can include data such as pictures, drawings and even video clips.
As the job progresses through the production routes, Orpheus keeps it on track in the correct sequence. The operator visually checks and records any quality issues or rejects onto Orpheus which can then be used to pinpoint the source of the problem and identify any corrective action necessary to prevent similar issues from occurring in the future.
Upon delivery of the completed order, the recipient’s signature is scanned and held within Orpheus to retain proof of delivery. Once the goods have been despatched, Orpheus will produce an accurately priced invoice. It can even be configured to integrate seamlessly with your existing accounting software such as Sage or Pegasus.

Security and Tracebility
Individual user profiles determine who is allowed to access the system. Access rights are controlled to limit the menus and functions to which a user has access. The system also keeps a full audit trail of activity at each stage of the production cycle, kite detailing the complete job history including who, where, and when any activity was carried out.

Production reports can be generated, with information available at the touch of a button. Powerful drill-down functionality is present to allow easy access to your data and reports can easily be expored, printed or emailed.

Orpheus complies with, or can be tailored to suit current BSI and Automotive Industry Standards.

Malcolm Enamellers
The UK’s largest independent Electro painting and Powder coating facility.
Orpheus has allowed us to significantly improve our efficiency and adopt a more customer focused approach, at the same time reducing administration costs.
Lee Stanaway – Group Director, Malcolms.

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