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Orpheus Metal Finishing Software provides a Production Control & Order Tracking System that we designed specifically for the metal finishing subcontractor. Orpheus is a production control solution that covers the full range of operations from quotation, costing and process routing, through to delivery and invoicing.

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TimeGate is a simple to use electronic touch-screen signing-in system. TimeGate can be used as a standalone device or as part of a network of sign-in stations. The customisable nature of TimeGate allows the system to be to easily be scaled to your business needs.

In it’s basic form, TimeGate is used as an electronic replacement for the traditional signing-in book usually found on reception desks. This is particularly useful for Health & Safety compliance measures, such as evacuation reports. With a single touch, a list of all visitors, staff, and contractors on-site at any given time can be displayed on-screen or printed out.

The system can also be expanded to enable many additional features such as attendance/timekeeping monitoring, payroll integration, professional visitor badge printing with optional photo capture, detailed reporting and back office administration, signature capture, staff ID cards, and much more.

Each unit can be fully customised with your company logo, colour scheme, accrediations, and a welcome message.

TimeGate is a perfect solution to any unmanned reception desk, and by using less paper you will also enhance your green credentials.

AG Stock
AG Stock is an inventory control system, ideal for tracking inventory in stock and supply rooms, retail businesses, manufacturing and distribution centers, and warehouses.

AG Stock gives you the ability to record information about any items that you buy or stock. Each stock item card contains details such as stock code, description, cost, and supplier details.

Minimum stock quantity can be set up so that reorder reports can be triggered when stock fall below a set level. Each stock item records a complete history of transactions.

Purchase order processing includes the ability to raise purchases orders and email directly to the supplier. When goods are received they are booked in against the order and can include batch information such as use by date. A product label can be printed which can include a bar code.

When stock is used it can be booked to plant, or stock can be transferred to a plant location and then issued when the actual amount used is known. Stock issue process can be carried out quickly by using the bar coded label to scan & identify the product code.

Comprehensive Reports can be produced for stock valuation, plant usage, stock take forms, stock issues etc. These reports can be printed, emailed or exported to Excel.

AG Cert
AG Cert Calibration Certificate Software has been developed to produce and manage calibration certificates to a standard that satisfies UKAS requirements.

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